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Golden Staff Study offers more than 20 games for effective and fun learning.

Classes are held in a corporate format. Games are a productive way to improve your knowledge of English and develop cognitive skills as well as general knowledge. In addition, they are opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture of English-speaking countries.

Групповые занятия с преподавателем доступны очно или онлайн в формате онлайн конференций – вам необходимо только перейти по ссылке.

Индивидуальные занятия с преподавателем доступны очно или онлайн через Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp и Viber.


*players should have roughly the same level of English

★ Games for vocabulary acquisition ★
That's What She Said
Apples to Apples
Basic +
Basic +
Upper-Intermediate +
Elementary +
Intermediate +
★ Games for speech development ★
Alias Party
Alias Women vs. Man
Now What?
Not A Problem!
Elementary +
Intermediate +
Pre-Intermediate +
Pre-Intermediate +
Intermediate +
Intermediate +
Upper-Intermediate +
Pre-Intermediate +
★ Games for general knowledge ★
Christmas Trivia
Christmas Charades
World of Harry Potter
Intermediate +
Elementary +
Intermediate +
★ Games for strategic thinking ★
Family Business
Intermediate +
Intermediate +

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of English and simultaneously have a relaxing, enjoyable time!

The game will help:
  • to improve English 😎
  • to relax and speak fluently 😜
  • to chat with colleagues in an informal atmosphere 🌅
  • to have fun 🎮
  • to feel like a professional 🌟

Alias ​​- players take turns explaining the meaning of a hidden word to other participants so that they can guess it. You have to turn on your imagination, look for synonyms, and speak so that you are understood as quickly as possible!

Taboo - participants should explain the meaning of words or phrases to their teammates without uttering the forbidden “taboo” words. Which team has a richer vocabulary and can guess more words?

Funglish - a player explains a hidden word to his team by showing cards with various adjectives. Some of them can be used with the hidden word, some - not. A great way to learn new words and how to combine them.

Scattergories - players have two decks of cards. Categories of words are written on the cards of one deck, and letters on the cards of the other. Players have to name things belonging to the categories, but only if they start with the appropriate letter. The game teaches players to respond quickly and activates the vocabulary of various fields.

That's What She Said - there is a red card with the beginning of the phrase. Each player has a set of white cards with possible endings to this phrase and suggests one of them. The judge chooses the funniest option. There is a lot of slang and informal vocabulary on the cards. A good time and laughter during the game are guaranteed!

Apples to Apples - all players have a set of cards with nouns. The judge draws a card with an adjective and selects one of the most successful nouns from those offered by the players. All the participants are the judge, in turn. The game teaches new words and the context of their usage.

Now What? - players read a dilemma, and then take turns telling how to solve this dilemma. Their story should relate to certain items depicted on the cards. The greatest number of points is earned by the person whose story is recognized as the most interesting and original. This is a great opportunity to practice speaking and fantasy.

Gloom - an interesting card game with a dark atmosphere. Each player has a set of cards with characters. The task is to kill these characters, selecting for them as many cards with misfortunes and sad events as possible. Using the selected cards, you need to tell what exactly happened to the heroes. Fans of Halloween, black humor and horror stories will definitely like the game.

Imaginarium - a player chooses one of his cards and tells the others what associations he has with it. The task of the other participants is to understand which card he is describing. The game develops imagination, intuition and speaking skills.

Not A Problem! - one of the players — the investor — draws a card with a certain problem described. The other players need to invent a product to solve this problem and offer it to investor. The one whose product is chosen by the investor wins the round. The game teaches to think creatively, to lead a discussion and to be convincing.

TRIVIAL PURSUIT: World of Harry Potter - a game for true Harry Potter fans. Participants should answer questions about the story of a wizard boy.

Family Business - this game gives you the opportunity to feel like a member of a mafia clan. Each player has his own “family”. During the game, he must kill the members of other clans and protect his own. The player whose clan lives the longest wins the game.

Scrabble - players should make words from chips with letters and place them on the playing board. Each chip has a certain number of points, so the players’ task is to place the words on the board in order to get as many points as possible. The game helps to remember vocabulary and to develop strategic thinking.

Monopoly - a classic board game for real businessmen. The task is to seize as much property as possible, while going neither bankrupt nor to prison, in order to become a monopolist at the end. Playing it in English is a new challenge and an opportunity to remember business vocabulary.

Christmas Trivia - a quiz in which the presenter asks the players questions on a Christmas theme. The winner is the player or team that gives the most correct answers. The game helps to plunge into the atmosphere of Christmas (regardless of the season). At the same time as developing listening skills and quick thinking.

Christmas Charades - one more game with Christmas spirit. The player draws a card with a word or character which he then plays so that other team members can guess. Communication must be without words, only via gestures and mimicking. This game develops imagination and teaches players to understand each other from half of a hint.