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Coaching at GOLDEN STAFF - a new level of business coaching in Ukraine

We were the first to start teaching coaching and providing coaching services in Ukraine. During all this time, thousands of successful coaches have been taught.

You can take training, order coaching services or consult on any issue by filling out the form below. Contact us!

Coaching is a joint work of a coach and a coaching customer (coach) aimed at realizing the goals and objectives of the latter.

A coach helps you in solving issues in various areas of your life - be it your personal life, business, self-discovery, career or family. Through interaction with a coach, you will be able to maximize your abilities and capabilities by following a personally developed action plan.

Coaching at Golden Staff is about using your own potential and the opportunity to make the desired changes in your life.

Coaching directions
School of Organizational Coaching

The course is licensed and presented by the Wiesbaden Academy of Positive Psychotherapy (Germany), after which you will receive an academy certificate.

SOC expands opportunities for:
  • Leaders of all levels
  • HR managers
  • Business trainers, business consultants
  • Psychologists and psychotherapists
1. You will be able to provide customized corporate business coaching, combining employee motivation with the goals of the organization.
2. Learn to use coaching tools in recruiting, appraisal, meeting and negotiation.
3. You can conduct executive-coaching.
4. You will manage team processes - coaching teams, projects (meetings).
5. Extend your coaching toolbox with organizational coaching techniques and models.
6. Gain skills in the development and implementation of project coaching at the level of the entire business system.
7. You will be able to combine in practice coaching with others T&D technologies (training, mentoring, consulting) to enhance their effectiveness.
8. You will be able to work with coaching tools at the level of the entire business system and with different categories of employees.
Health Coaching ™

It is a systematic approach to personal, family and organizational health, self-management and self-help, helping the client to become more effective in all areas of his life.

Health coaching at Golden Staff is practical tools and a systematic, balanced approach!

The quality of our life is determined by:
  • Life position and worldview.
  • Attitude to life's difficulties and problems.
  • Applying a coping or stress coping strategy.
  • Emotional competence and EQ (emotional intelligence) level.
  • Distribution of energy and time in the 4-sphere balance model:
  • Body, Activity, Contacts, Meanings.
1. The ability to influence all five groups of life quality factors.
2. There will be natural and obvious changes in your personal and work life.
3. You will understand the principles of achieving positive change and will be able to guide them in the right direction.
4. Improve your own performance in stress management, quality of life balance and emotional well-being.
Team coaching

Team coaching is an opportunity for a company to get a clear plan, positive changes and high results in less time with maximum efficiency!

Coaching will help form a highly productive team, develop the creative component and personal potential of each of the participants in order to solve various business problems.

As a result of coaching, the team resource of all players is maximized.

1. You will be able to independently create successful business models and solve the assigned tasks due to the correct organization of the workflow.
2. You will be able to develop a unified team strategy for performing certain tasks and form a unified vision and understanding of the goals and mission of the project.
3. Learn better communication in the team, as well as the solution of interpersonal conflicts and the ability of the team to cope with them in the future.
4. Master the skills of non-standard problem solving and difficult situations.
5. You will be able to clearly understand the business goal, form a vision of ways to achieve them.
6. You will be able to increase the efficiency of the group work and influence the collective thinking.
Coaching without borders

A project uniting the European Council of Mentoring and Coaching Ukraine (ESMC Ukraine) and the School of Organizational Coaching (SOK).

Coaching without borders is new opportunities for professional growth.

The goal of the project is to improve the professional level of knowledge of coaches in Ukraine, promote positive experience and broadcast the best international standards.

Additionally, Coaching Without Borders provides webinars and video supervisions from the best coaches in Europe!

1. You will master the basic practical tools of life coaching.
2. Master the skills of managing the basic coaching process.
3. You will be able to independently conduct coaching sessions with the client.
4. Get specific techniques and models of personal business and team coaching.
5. Gain experience in supervision.
6. Get an opportunity for a positive experience in mentoring and coaching in Europe.