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Golden Staff разрывает все отношения с российскими партнёрами и сторонами, поддерживающими военные действия в Украине!

The Center of Foreign Languages “Golden Staff” invites you!

We will be glad to see you and will kindly select a training program based on your wishes and level of language proficiency. Personal approach is our unique feature.


The Center of Foreign Languages “Golden Staff” offers a wide range of specialized, business and colloquial language programs.

Group lessons with a teacher are available in online or offline in the format of online conferences - you just need to click on the link received from the teacher.

One-to-one classes with a teacher are available online or offline via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber.

The specialization - is an in-depth study of the language in the context of the aspects of the position and the development of language skills.


  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • financiers
  • banking workers
  • marketing specialists
  • logistics specialists
  • HRs and administrators
  • engineers, etc

Business programs are for improving business communication skills in the field of business communication.


  • chiefs and directors
  • managers of different levels
  • managing directors
  • company`s employees

General programs are for improving foreign language skills.


  • all company`s employees / company`s officials

Special techniques of quick language learning – are rapid language speech formation in both business and everyday situations.

Ukrainian language
The courses are developed in accordance with the pan-European requirements for language proficiency levels, which include speech etiquette, game assignments, correspondence, reading literature in the original. Upon completing of the courses, students will increase their level of communication skills, work over the practical use of a common and business language in everyday and business situations.
Italian language / Italian / Italiano

Italian courses at Golden Staff will increase your level of communicative and grammatical knowledge in practice in everyday and work situations..

Interesting practical tasks, audio and video recordings with dialogs of native speakers will make the learning process easy and interesting.

Nuovo Progetto Italiano 2: Libro dello Studente
Author: T. Marin, S. Magnelli
Curso Pons Italiano
Espresso 3. Corso di italiano
Author: Bali Maria, Ziglio Luciana
Via della Grammatica
Author: Mina Ricci
Russian as foreign language / Russian

A specially developed teaching technique helps to quickly absorb all aspects of the language..

This is a grammar and conversational course, which, as a result, will make it easy to conduct negotiations, discussions, support business conversations, make presentations and correspond.

Жили-были... 28 уроков русского языка для начинающих
Authors: Л. Миллер, Л. Политова, И. Рыбакова
Поехали! Часть 2.2.
Authors: Станислав Чернышов, Алла Чернышова
Русский язык для начинающих. Книга 1
Author: Ю.Г. Овсиенко
Русский язык. 5 элементов. Уровень А1.
Author: Татьяна Эсмантова
German language / German / Deutsch

Studying of German language at Golden Staff is focus on European language proficiency standards. We will prepare you for passing the international exams such as: TestDaF, ZDfB, PWD, ZOP, KDS, GDS.

Themen Aktuell 3. Kursbuch
Author: Michaela Perlmann-Balme
Alltag, Beruf & Co. 1
Authors: Norbert Becker, Jörg Braunert
Dialog Beruf 1
Author: Norbert Becker
Schritte International 4
Authors: Silke Hilpert, Marion Kerner
French language / French / Français

In addition to general language programs, Golden Staff offers preparation for the French DELF and DALF exams. After the courses, you will be able to communicate on any topics of a professional and social character, as well as develop oral speech, its perception, reading and writing.

Taxi! 1.Méthode de francais
Authors: Guy Capelle, Robert Menand
Latitudes 1: Méthode de français
Authors: Regine Merieux, Yves Loiseau
Escales 1 - Méthode français: Cahier d'exercices
Authors: Jacques Blanc, Jean-Michel Cartier, Pierre Lederlin
Objectif Express А1/А2
Author: Anne-Lyse Dubois
Spanish language / Spanish / Español

The course is developed in accordance with the program of the Institute of M. Cervantes (Spain). During studying, real situations are worked out. This course allows you to master the basic rules of pronunciation and grammar, read Spanish literature and develops oral speech and its perception.

Espanol en marcha Nivel basico
Authors: Francisca Castro, Pilar Diaz, Ignacio Rodero, Carmen Sardinero
Nuevo Ven 1. Libro del alumno
Author: F. Castro, F. Marin, R. Morales, S. Rosa
ECO B1. Libro del Alumno
Author: Carlos Romero Duenas
Embarque 1 - Libro del alumno
Authors: Montserrat Alonso, Rocio Prieto
Language study at Golden Staff Study is:
  • Practical tasks (negotiations, discussions, business conversations, correspondence and others)
  • Audio and video recordings with dialogs of native speakers
  • Various intellectual exercises
  • Communicative and authorial techniques
  • Games for language learning
1. Improving the level of communicative and grammatical knowledge
2. Development of listening skills
3. Vocabulary replenishment
4. Practice in everyday and work situations
5. Expand opportunities