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Психологическая поддержка

In the modern world, successful professional growth is almost impossible without a knowledge of English. Training in law-related English from Golden Staff Study will help you obtain a complete set of the English language skills necessary for the successful practice of law.

Group lessons with a teacher are available in online or offline in the format of online conferences - you just need to click on the link received from the teacher.

One-to-one classes with a teacher are available online or offline via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber.

The program includes:
  • The nuances of Legal Correspondence in English
  • Modelling of work situations and their solution during class
  • English vocabulary in the field of jurisprudence
  • English grammatical constructions within legal language
  • Author's exercises and trainers on materials from the experience of international lawyers
Professional English in Use: Law
Author: Gillian D. Brown, Sally Rice
Oxford Handbook of Legal Correspondence
Authors: Rupert Haigh
Legal English
Authors: William R. McKay, Helen E. Charlton
Market Leader Business Law
Author: A. Robin Widdowson
For whom?

-For anyone involved in legal activities and jurisprudence

* Recommended for Intermediate levels and above

Duration of the course:
- 3+ months.
Course Results:
1. Language tools for English language documentation such as contracts, agreements, memoranda etc.
2. Improvement in legal negotiation skills
3. Professional English terminology used in the practice of law
4. Professional slang in the English legal field

Legal English knowledge is an opportunity to grow professionally and open up new avenues for your career.