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English language for specialists in different sphere of activity

Lawyers, programmers, IT-specialists, financiers, accountants, economists, HR managers, marketing specialists, logistics specialists, pharmacists, agricultural specialists and others.


Specialized English is a set of professional programs for studying English using vocabulary and practical rules that are used in professional activities

Group lessons with a teacher are available in online or offline in the format of online conferences - you just need to click on the link received from the teacher.

One-to-one classes with a teacher are available online or offline via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber.

English for negotiations

Take the course “Effective public speaking in English” and avoid common but costly mistakes in public speaking.
Learn how:

- to speak publicly without hesitation
- to create a business presentation
- to use visualization in presentations
- to attract the attention and interest of your listeners
- to hold the interest of your audience throughout the speech
- how to respond to the needs of the audience
- non-verbal communication skills
- how to influence the audience with your voice


The specialized English course at Golden Staff was developed taking into account the real requirements for IT- companies when hiring and implementing international projects.

After completing the course, students:

1. Will receive the necessary level of knowledge of the language to work in IT- company.

2. Will be able to communicate confidently with foreign colleagues on professional topics.

3. Will master specialized literature easily.


A modern programmer must not only have extensive technical knowledge, but also be good at English speaking. This makes it possible to work with projects from abroad, constantly study and share experiences with others. However, a significant part of developers is experiencing difficulties associated with lack of fluency in English. Therefore, the Golden Staff Study offers classes for programmers with taking into account all the features of the industry.

Support Team

The employees of Support Team are communicate with customers from all over the world. As usual, support-specialists form the image of the company. Therefore, their English must be impeccable! However, the language in the sphere of support has its own characteristics. The Support Team specialist must have developed communication skills and at the same time solve technical issues. The needs of support specialists are taken into account in classes of Golden Staff Study.


The courses are developed on the basis of copyright programs in legal English - “Legal English for LLM”, “Legal Writing Course”, “Contract drafting”.

Golden Staff is preparing for passing the international certification exam for lawyers (ILEC).

After the course, students:

1. Master the legal terminology, skills in resolving legal issues and improve their own qualifications in the language.

2. Get acquainted with the methods of compiling documents, writing letters and memoranda.

3. Will be free to perceive speech by ear, competently generate legal documents and reports and conduct presentations and negotiations in foreign language.


The Golden Staff financial English course covers all aspects of financial vocabulary from accounting to lending, from the work of the central bank to work of private enterprise.

According to the results of the course, students:

1. Master the latest lexical trends in international finance sphere.

2. Expand vocabulary in accounting and financial topics, including financial idiomatic expressions and metaphors..


A wide range of tasks for employees of various banking systems requires optimized and efficient communication. In working with international relations, it is extremely important for employees to be fluent in English. Golden Staff Study offers banking specialists a comprehensive program for the study of specialized English. The course from Golden Staff Study provides not only knowledge, but also real opportunities for their development..


The program of courses in the field of accounting has been compiled taking into account real accounting documents of leading world and Ukrainian companies and banks.

Students will be able to:

1. Master the lexical and grammatical material..

2. Learn to hold business meetings and conduct telephone conversations in foreign language.

3. Master specific terminology for work with business documents.


A course for marketing specialists at Golden Staff aims to master a wide range of topics, from branding to identifying consumer needs..

Courses will help:

1. To make presentations according to international standards.

2. To read fluently the works of foreign experts.

3. To easily communicate on the topics of marketing, advertising and corporate communication.

Listeners will gain an advantage over their competitors by being the first to learn about interesting cases and concepts.


The Golden Staff language course for logistics specialists includes practical exercises, audio assignments, specially developed logistic texts, illustrations, photographs and realistic role-playing games.

After completing the course, employees will be able to:

1. Negotiate with foreign partners easily using professional vocabulary.

2. Draw up documents correctly.

3. Orient in foreign sites dedicated to logistics topics easily.

Human Resources

In the courses, attention is focused on improving the language with specialized vocabulary, which is extremely necessary for conducting interviews and searching for applicants.

After the courses, specialists will be able to:

1. Read professional literature and documentation easily.

2. Compose reports, job profiles, write official letters and communicate with foreign colleagues in their language.


The course is based on specialized vocabulary on the topics of farming, caring for agricultural plants and animals, organic farming..

After the course, your employees will:

1. Master the normative vocabulary in the field of agricultural business.

2. Will be able to use specialized vocabulary in the field of biology and agriculture.


The courses are aimed at studying both general medical vocabulary and narrowly specialized aspects.

After studying the specialized language, specialists will:

1. Freely communicate with clients and auditors.

2. Master schemes of drug release and work with documentation easily.