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Психологическая поддержка

Pharmaceutical workers make up a significant section of the international labour market. Most scientists, medical staff, researchers, and developers of medicine and medical devices are fluent in English, the language of development for both individual employees and medicine in general. The Golden Staff Study "English for Pharmacists" course will give specialists a significant advantage in this labour market. Pharmacists, medical representatives, and pharmaceutical employees will need this practical knowledge.

Group lessons with a teacher are available in online or offline in the format of online conferences - you just need to click on the link received from the teacher.

One-to-one classes with a teacher are available online or offline via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber.

The program includes:
  • general and specialized medical terminology
  • exercises aimed at comprehension of professional English speech
  • language exercises for a better understanding of pharmaceutical literature
  • authentic English-language materials for use in the practice of their work
Professional English in Use: Medicine
Author: Eric H.Glendinning, Ron Howard
Oxford English For Careers: Medicine 2
Author: Sam McCarter
English for Pharmacy Writing and Oral Communication
Author: Miriam Diaz-Gilbert
English in Medicine
Authors: Eric H. Glendinning, Beverly A.S. Holmstrom
For whom?

- For pharmaceutical employees in the production and distribution of medicine

* Recommended for Intermediate levels and above

Course duration:
- 3+ months
Course results:
1. acquisition of required general and specialized vocabulary
2. necessary skills for working with English documentation, information, and communicating with partners and clients
3. confident oral and written communication in the pharmacological field

Continuous development makes better professionals, and their level of the English language plays an important role. Achieving high-quality work is possible!