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Психологическая поддержка

Support Team employees communicate with clients from all over the world, so they often constitute the basis of the company's image for its clients. Therefore, their English should be perfect! The use of English in this field has its own peculiarities - a Support Team specialist must have strong communicative skills and, at the same time, be able to solve technical issues. These specialist needs, and more, are taken into account with lessons from the Golden Staff Study.

Group lessons with a teacher are available in online or offline in the format of online conferences - you just need to click on the link received from the teacher.

One-to-one classes with a teacher are available online or offline via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Telegram, Whatsapp and Viber.



  messages in chat and email structure  understanding fast speech and speech with an accent
 spelling and punctuation exercises for improving pronunciation
  norms of business communication with clients
professional vocabulary and terminology
common phrases and grammar constructions
practice with authentic materials
exercises for general English improvement

* We tailor each lesson to the needs of the client. You yourself can choose the topics to study.

English for Information Technology
Author: Maja Olejniczak
Infotech English for computer users
Author: Santiago Remacha Esteras
Oxford English for Computing
Authors: Keith Boeckner, P. Charles Brown
Working Virtually
Authors: Jackie Black, Jon Doyson
For whom?

- For support employees who want to improve their English

-For managers who work with the Support Team

* Recommended for Intermediate and above.

Duration of the course
- 3+ months
Course results
1. ability to easily diagnose problems during conversations or correspondence with an English-speaking client
2. ability to understand customers no matter their accent or tempo of speech
3. ability to provide the client with information in a form graded to the level of their technical awareness
4. ability to work independently with English-language interfaces and documents
5. improvement of pronunciation
6. correct, clear, and structured answers to clients’ questions
7. ability to learn current information from English-language sources
8. general English improvement

This course will not cover all the aspects of how to work in a support team, but will help improve English for confident communication and successful work within one