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An in-depth interview is an assessment of the candidate's demonstrated competencies, thanks to which a detailed personality profile is drawn up, as well as an assessment of his strengths and weaknesses.

The method allows you to find out the psychological disposition to the proposed position with an accuracy of 87%!

How is it going

Corporate ↓  

Recommended for evaluating candidates for top management positions or high-responsibility positions. Occurs after an in-house interview.

Individually ↓ 

to assess the level of basic managerial competencies of the applicant, his analytical and communication skills (IQ / EQ).


  1. 1. Duration - 2 hours.
  2. 2. Interpreting responses using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and other psychological techniques
  3. 3. Written and oral report.

You get

  1. 1. Detailed accurate psychological portrait of the personal and professional characteristics of a candidate for a managerial position.
  2. 2. Description of personal maturity, responsibility, values ​​and motivation of the candidate.


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